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Rainham School students explore chemistry at Endeavour Speciality Chemicals

Date: June 2018

A group of Year 12 students from Rainham School in Kent visited Endeavour during the afternoon of June 7th. The chemistry students were en route to the Peak District to investigate the geochemistry of ores and minerals. The school decided to visit Endeavour to gain an insight into chemical manufacturing and the applications of high impact aroma chemicals.

During the visit, the students learned about the use of high impact aroma chemicals in flavours and how different concentrations can lead to different odour profiles. They were also given a talk by Endeavour's industrial placement student on why he chose to study Chemistry as a degree subject and what factors influenced this decision. This short talk also gave the Year 12 students an understanding of what an industrial placement entails and how it can be beneficial for future career prospects.

The students were then given a brief introduction to practical fractional distillation and shown a distillation rig by R&D Manager (Dr Greig Milsom) and R&D Chemist (Elodie Ravier). The link with the fractional distillation of crude oil, of which the students were familiar with, helped them to understand the technique and how it was used to purify volatile liquids.

The visit ended with a very competitive odour quiz as the students were split into two teams and given a number of Endeavour products to characterise. This proved to be very popular - especially amongst the members of staff!

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