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£300k + Invested in Calorimetry Equipment

Independent UK Firm Invests Over £300,000 in Calorimetry Equipment to Ensure Process Efficiency

West Bromwich, UK and Informex USA, Charlotte, NC, Feb 8th – Independent speciality chemicals manufacturer, Robinson Brothers Ltd. has announced investments in personnel and equipment for Process Scale-up Safety Screening, from lab to commercial scale, at its UK headquarters. In laboratory investments totaling in excess of £300,000, Robinson Brothers has installed a dedicated facility to cover all aspects of scale-up process safety, from screening and analytical method development to resource planning and, product development. The advanced calorimetry lab is capable of assessing the safety of process scaleability at quantities ranging from grams to multi tonnes.

“The ability to scale-up to a wide range of volumes will allow customers to better customize their processes to fit specific needs, with the guarantee that products will be delivered in full and on time,” comments Adrian Hanrahan, Managing Director of Robinson Brothers. “The in-house facility will enable us to advise our customers on the full range of hazards associated with their specified chemicals, what the chemistry is capable of and what measures and controls need to be put in place to ensure process safety and efficiency.”

Robinson Brothers has appointed and trained an experienced Ph.D. Chemist as a Chemical Reaction Hazards Specialist to head up its Process Safety operation. The identification and assessment of the exothermic reaction hazards will be done using the Chemisens CPA102 Calorimetry. The additional investment in Fauske ARSTT (Advanced Reactor System Screening Tool) allows RBL to carry out adiabatic calorimetry, runaway simulation, engineering solutions and emergency vent design. Finally, thermal stability screening on all raw materials, intermediates and products will be carried out using a Mettler Toledo Differential Scanning Calorimetry which has auto injection capability.

“We now have the facilities and resources to generate all the necessary information relating to the specific parameters we’ve set,” concludes Mr. Hanrahan,  “This means that our customers have the full confidence that when Robinson Brothers takes on a project, all aspects can be managed effectively and efficiently within the same company on the same site.”

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