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Daventry, UK, March 2011 - Endeavour Speciality Chemicals (ESC) today announced that it has successfully bid for funding under the Carbon Trust sponsored “Polymer Fuel Cells Challenge” (PFCC) as part of a consortium that also includes ESC’s parent company, Robinson Brothers Ltd. The Carbon Trust (CT) is a not-for-profit company with the mission to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy. The PFCC is an investment initiative led by the Carbon Trust, to accelerate the commercialisation of breakthrough polymer fuel cell technologies. The PFCC was launched in 2009 and is open to all UK-based companies. One of the initiatives of the Carbon Trust PFCC is to support projects with a focus on delivering critical reduction in fuel cell system costs for commercialization.

ESC was invited to partner in the project by ACAL Energy Limited, a leading developer of low-cost proton exchange fuel cells and an organisation with a strong track record of innovation in fuel cell technology. ACAL’s platinum-free cathode technology project looks to remove the amount of platinum needed in a fuel cell by as much as 90%, which has the potential to deliver a huge cost saving. Based on current fuel cell technology an average fuel cell family car would require 2-3 ounces of platinum in a fuel cell; platinum is currently priced at $1,800.00 per ounce.

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with ESC and Robinson Brothers on this project,” commented ACAL Energy Chief Technology Officer, Dr Andrew Creeth. He continues, “The expertise they bring to the project will enable us to accelerate the development activities needed to make our technology commercially scalable for automotive applications.”

Under the terms of the £1m investment from the Carbon Trust, ACAL Energy will commission ESC to support the chemistry development activity at the heart of the groundbreaking new design. The main focus will be on the proprietary liquid ‘catholyte’ system based on commodity chemicals. The significant cost savings potential of this technology has the ability to be adapted for the needs of automotive applications. ESC serves as a key consortium member with sole responsibility for supporting the development of the novel chemistry required for this next-generation fuel cell.

“It is a pleasure to be selected for this project based on our track record in custom synthesis and our renowned expertise in the particular field of chemistry,” commented Jordi Robinson, ESC’s Sales Manager. He went on to note that, “We look forward to the outcome of this partnership and have every expectation that we will be part of the winning bid.”

Once the research period has been completed, the Carbon Trust will then select the consortia it believes is most capable of delivering on the ambitious aims of the challenge.  This will then trigger further investment of up to £5m into the winning bid from the Carbon Trust itself, along with a similarly sized cash injection from industry, to enable full commercialization of what will ultimately be a game-changing technology.

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