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Meet our team at the annual FlavourTalk Exhibition and Conference 2020

Date: Feb 2020

This year, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals will be attending the annual FlavourTalk 2020 Exhibition at the Barbizon Palace Hotel, Amsterdam. This event will be held on 11th March followed by the FlavourTalk Conference on 12th March. FlavourTalk offers an ideal platform for professionals within the food ingredients market to discuss new product developments, innovative ingredients and the use of flavourings in food.


Senior R&D Chemist, Dr Adam Nadany, will be attending this two day event as a representative of Endeavour Speciality Chemicals. Endeavour has over 25 years’ experience of manufacturing high impact aroma chemicals. Such chemicals are used in general to provide top notes to flavours; often defined as those aromas which hit the nose quickly and then dissipate.  As well as contributing to the taste of a flavour, high impact aroma chemicals add considerably to the aroma of the flavour.

          Think of the distinctive smell of coffee as you open an instant coffee jar

                    ...that unique bacon flavour when you open a packet of crisps

                              ...the sweet scent when you open a bag of jelly sweets.


Endeavour Chemicals

Handling high impact aroma chemicals requires specialised skills as these chemicals are highly odorous by nature. Thus, it is essential to have methods in place to contain such powerful odours. Endeavour Speciality Chemicals manufacturing site contains bespoke containment facilities including enhanced air extraction capabilities. Endeavour is ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management and ISO 9001:2015 certified. The company continues to serve the flavour and fragrance houses across the world, via our exclusive distributor Treatt.

Meet us at FlavourTalk Amsterdam 2020. Contact us to schedule a meeting.

About Us

Founded in 1991, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals is a specialist manufacturer of high impact aroma chemicals and chemical intermediates. Our core competences include sulfur and heterocyclic chemistries. We offer the capacity to manufacture speciality chemicals and high impact aroma chemicals at gram scale for sample validation to tens of kilograms.

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Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Ltd is part of the Robinson Brothers Group

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