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Endeavour Speciality Chemicals on Sustainable Chemistry

Date: 29th November 2017

This year, Endeavour Speciality Chemicals had the opportunity to shed light on Sustainable Chemistry at the University of Nottingham. This was part of the induction event for PhD Students beginning their semester at the Centre for Doctoral Training, on 28th September 2017. This event was attended by PhD Students, Post-Graduates, Lecturers and industry professionals from across the UK.

Stuart Rooke, Chemist at Endeavour Speciality Chemicals, shared his thoughts on Sustainable Chemistry by showcasing a brief presentation on methods of sustainable chemistry in the chemical manufacturing industry. This presentation also included the challenges faced by manufacturers when adapting a process to reduce the amount of hazardous materials used, as well as utilising renewable sources of energy.

Sustainable Chemistry continues to be a key area of research and development for many organisations across the globe, as the world population comes under threat of environmental changes. The University of Nottingham hosts the established a Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Chemistry. This centre focuses on renewables, sustainable synthesis and continuous manufacturing.

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