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Endeavour Chemicals Announces Novel Thiourea Line

Commercially novel line is exclusively distributed by Alfa Aesar for prion disease research

Daventry, UK, January 2012 - Endeavour Speciality Chemicals today announced the introduction of a line of commercially novel pyridinyl thioureas to be used as building blocks in the research of treatments for prion diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD).  Endeavour engineered the class of thioureas to be used as precursors in the synthesis of aminothiazoles, which are a class of compound identified in recent research (by the University of California and published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry) as an important factor in reducing the prion levels of affected nerve cells.

CJD and similar prion diseases are caused by the misfolding of a specific protein, found in certain nerve cells. Although the mechanism by which it occurs is far from completely understood, it appears that the presence of these misfolding proteins catalyses a chain reaction, causing more and more proteins to misfold in the same way. Ultimately this chain reaction completely stops the nerve cell(s) from working.

Prion diseases directly affect either the structure of the brain or neural tissue in mammals and are currently untreatable and fatal. Two of the more well-known prion diseases include the previously mentioned CJD in humans and bovine spongiform encephalopathies (BSE, also known as "mad cow disease”) in cattle.

"Research published in The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry and an article in The Economist acted as a catalyst for us to look at this area of research," noted Jordi Robinson, Sales Manager at Endeavour. He continued, "with our strong expertise in sulphur chemistry, we were able to rapidly develop a group of pyridinyl thioureas, which we hope can feed into the development of new aminothiazole based therapeutic leads for these extremely difficult to treat diseases.”

The intermediates are available through an exclusive distribution agreement with Alfa Aesar. The company acts as the main market supplier of the pyridinyl thioureas that Endeavour engineers and produces. The partnership effectively gives Alfa Aesar the responsibility for all distribution and marketing efforts of this group of compounds.

"The exclusive agreement with Alfa Aesar makes sense for a few reasons. Firstly, we have worked with Alfa for around twenty years, often developing new molecules for their catalog, so we have a good relationship with the company as a whole. Beyond that, Alfa clearly have better market reach to promote commercially novel developments such as this and a true global reach is especially important where the research itself is relatively recent or perhaps not that widely known" Robinson stated. He further noted, "The hope is that with Alfa’s help we can bring these compounds to the attention of a wider audience and assist in the creation of new therapeutic leads to facilitate this research”.

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