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Bringing Chemistry to Life

Our Chemist visited Paddox School to participate in the Science Celebration

Date: July 2017

As part of their Science Celebration, Paddox School, based in Rugby, asked local scientists and engineers to discuss their jobs with the pupils. This year, Dr Adam Nadany, R&D Chemist at Endeavour Speciality Chemicals Limited attended this open day. Endeavour Speciality Chemicals is an expert in manufacturing organic chemicals that are used as flavours and fragrances. This was an ideal opportunity to show the pupils why synthetic chemistry is an important area in science.

After a brief discussion on ‘What is Chemistry?’ the pupils were shown slides depicting an insight into the daily activities carried out in our Research Laboratories. The pupils were then given the opportunity to partake in experiments.

Initially, they participated in an experiment to show how important smell is when ‘tasting’ foods using either jelly beans or apples - jelly beans proving to be the more popular choice! After a brief discussion regarding ‘tongue taste sensations’ (sweet, sour, salt, bitter, umami), the pupils were then asked to determine which fruit was sweeter – blueberry or strawberry. We generally perceive strawberries to be sweeter than blueberries, although blueberries contain significantly more (2x) sugar than strawberries. This could be due to there being more volatile chemicals being present in strawberries than blueberries; making us believe strawberries are sweeter.

Finally, the pupils were invited to smell the following extracts: vanilla, almond, orange, lemon, peppermint, coffee and rose water. They were then questioned: What does each extract remind you of and can identify the extract? A few answers given included: toothpaste; mints (peppermint), perfume and soaps (rose water), cakes and marzipan (vanilla and almond) and Terry’s chocolate orange (orange). This experiment demonstrated how we handle chemicals in day-to-day activities.

This was a great interactive and educational day for the young pupils of Paddox School. It was clear to see that every child could appreciate the impact chemistry has in life.

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