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Core Technologies and Chemistries

We are proficient in a wide range of chemistries and technologies, with significant expertise in sulphur and heterocyclic chemistries. Our parent company, Robinson Brothers Limited, has a long history as a market leader in hydrogenation technology and both sites have sophisticated containment facilities to permit the safe handling and use of a range of hazardous reagents.

Organosulphur Chemistry Hydrogen Sulphide Methyl Mercaptan
Carbon Disulphide Thioacetic Acid
Heterocyclic Chemistry Ring Formation Derivatisation
Hazardous Reagents Bromine Butyllithium Dimethyl Sulphate Methyl Iodide
Phosgene Equivalents Phosphorus Oxychloride Sulphuryl Chloride Thionyl Chloride
Processes Acetylenic Chemistry Aldol Condensation Alkoxidation Alkylation
Amination Amidation Acylation Arylation
Benzoylation Bromination Carbonylation Chlorination
Cyclisation Dehydrohalogenation Diazotisation Epoxidation
Esterification Etherification Friedel-Crafts Reaction Grignard Chemistry
Hydrazine Chemistry Ketalization Liquid Ammonia Reactions Methylation
Nitration Organolithium Chemistry Oxidation Reduction
Saponification Sulphonation Sulphoxidation Suzuki Reactions
Thiocarbonylation Thiolation Transesterification
Purification Techniques Flash Chromatography Fractional Distillation
Recrystallisation Wiped Film Distillation

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